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Culinary Career Spotlight: Becoming a Pastry Chef

pastry-chef2 Arguably the hottest culinary career today, the role of the pastry chef has evolved substantially ov ...

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Can You Go to Culinary School While Working Full Time?

culinary-school-nights2 Going to culinary school has become the dream of many Americans who are ready for a career change. B ...

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Cooking Classes vs. Culinary School

cooking-classes Should you take cooking classes or sign up for culinary school? The answer depends on what you hope ...

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Will Culinary School Boost Your Chances of Getting a Chef Job?

culinary-school If you’re considering culinary school, you likely have aspirations of owning or running a restaura ...

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Should your kids take a gap year before college?

Should your kids take a gap year before college? The New York Times reports even Harvard endorses a ...

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Field Trip to Frody’s

Frody's Have any of you ever tasted Frody’s foods? Our culinary students were able to go visit his  ...

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Two Utah Culinary Education Schools Unite

SL Culinary Center FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Tuesday, June 9, 2015 – Utah’s innovative profes ...

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