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How to Build a Menu for Your New Restaurant

How to Build a Menu for Your New Restaurant

Are you dreaming of opening a new restaurant? One of the first questions you’ll mull over is what to put on your menu. Configuring the direction of the menu sets the tone for the entire establishment, so it’s a key step in the initial planning stages of following your dream.  The tips below can help chefs decide…

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7 Hot Food Trends for 2018 

As a chef, you have a lengthy daily to-do list. One of those essential tasks is crafting menu-defining dishes that set your table apart. For inspiration and a fresh perspective, check out this list of seven big food trends for 2018.  Regardless of whether you’d like to incorporate the latest fads or strike out on…

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5 Signs You Should Choose a Culinary Career 

choose a culinary career

A culinary career can be as rewarding as it can be strenuous. For the future chef with an unrelenting drive for their calling, it’s a lifestyle that will also be extremely fulfilling.  Consider a culinary career if you exhibit the five characteristics below.  1. Your Passion Is Food You can’t just like to cook — you have…

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Culinary School: What to Expect

life in culinary school

If you’ve enrolled in culinary school or if you’re planning to — you may have no idea what to expect. Culinary School: What to Expect If you’ve enrolled in culinary school — or if you’re planning to — you may have no idea what to expect.  You know you’re passionate about food and cooking, and you’re…

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At This Northern Utah Culinary School, You Learn from Industry Experts


When you enroll in culinary school, you (rightly) have the expectation that you’ll be learning from educators who are also experts in their industry. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. The founder and director of Park City Culinary Institute in Salt Lake City had that expectation herself. What Laurie Moldawer discovered, however, is that some American…

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Culinary School Teaches Farm-to-Table Cooking

Culinary School Teaches Farm to Table

Culinary school curriculum traditionally includes foundational elements of food preparation, knife skills and culinary science. Today, however, many schools are encouraging the use of local farmers and artisanal producers to source ingredients. This philosophy typically referred to as the farm-to-table or farm-to-fork movement, emphasizes the importance of understanding what goes into the ingredients we use in our…

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Financing Culinary School: What Are Your Options?

Financing Culinary School

Not everyone has the funds available for culinary school tuition, so many choose to finance their education. Fortunately, when you attend Park City Culinary Institute in Salt Lake City, you have some choices in how you handle our affordable tuition.  Self-Financing Culinary School Many students use a low- or zero-interest credit card to finance their tuition, which is often the…

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Corporate Team Building Goes to Culinary School

Corporate Team Building

Corporate team-building events can provide a myriad of benefits, from fostering trust and positive interaction to building leadership skills. But your team may find themselves less than inspired by the same old activities.  Take your event to culinary school, however, and you will find a way to connect on a whole new level. If you’ve already done the…

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Culinary Schools Launching Food Truck Careers

Food Truck

When you’re cooking from a truck, you don’t have to wait for customers to find you — you go where they are instead. Whether you seek out customers at arts festivals, sporting events or downtown on a Saturday night, you have the option of working when and where you want to, as often as you…

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Culinary Career Spotlight: Becoming a Pastry Chef


Arguably the hottest culinary career today, the role of the pastry chef has evolved substantially over the last decade. Once relegated to a remote corner of the restaurant kitchen, pastry chefs now take on many of the culinary superstar roles formerly reserved for executive chefs. Today, pastry chefs are opening their own businesses — bakeries, food trucks and…

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