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Cooking Classses

Salt Lake City, Utah’s Favorite Cooking Classes

All classes are held in Salt Lake City, at our new teaching kitchen located at 1484 South State Street. Included with your class are recipes, ingredients, and all the tools you will need. There is no minimum experience necessary. Children ages 10-15 need to be accompanied by an adult. Closed-toe shoes are required.

Seats are limited and sell out quickly so book now to reserve your spot.

If you are unable to attend class, you may have a family member or friend come in your place.

*We reserve the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. Registrants will receive notification via email and a full refund. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO THE EVENT. You will only receive an email if the event has been cancelled.

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Baking and Decorating: Autumn Cookies

Friday, October 27, 9am-1pm 

Baking and Decorating: Autumn Cookies cooking classes

Sugar cookies are a fun mix of culinary and craft, baking and art. Learn the art of decorating with glacè icing from Master Pastry Chef Rebecca Millican! In this class you will learn how to make delicious butter cookies and glacè icing. You will also learn the tips and tricks of piping and decorating beautifully decadent cookies!

Seats are limited. Click here to purchase tickets.


Burning your Recipes

Saturday, October 28 6pm-9pm

cooking classes Burning your Recipes

Learn how to rid your kitchen of cookbooks with this fun class. If your cookbooks seem to be sending you on wild goose chases, and you don’t know why, take this class to learn the science behind many popular recipes. Why do I need cornstarch? Can I just use olive oil for everything? Why won’t my meat brown? Do I need wine to make sauce? Why do Chefs use butcher’s twine? Is food healthier if I use my non-stick pan for everything? Then sit down to a delicious dinner knowing you can make it easily again at home. No cookbooks will be harmed in the production of this program.

Seats are limited. Click here to purchase tickets.


Essential Techniques for Thanksgiving

Friday, November 3 6pm-9pm

Essential Techniques for Thanksgiving

Learn the basics in one night! This class presents some of the skills to make your Thanksgiving dinner easier. You’ll also learn a few new things you can share with your family on the big day. With a professional chef, you’ll practice knife skills, roasting, sautéing, making a pan sauce, poaching eggs, how to make your own salad dressing, and dessert. Then you’ll sit down to a delicious dinner paired with wine and new friends.

Seats are limited. Click here to purchase tickets.


Eat Seasonal: Autumn Root Vegetables & Grilled Chicken 

Friday, November 10, 6pm-9pm

Eat Seasonal: Autumn Root Vegetables & Grilled Chicken

Explore some of the underdogs of the produce world. Learn how to cook with squash, pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, and other root vegetables! This class will feature preparation tips and cooking methods to celebrate the bright colors, unique textures, and fresh tastes of these amazing vegetables. You will also learn how to use aromatics to marinate and grill chicken. Dinner is included.

Seats are limited. Click here to purchase tickets. 



Knife Skills 101 

Saturday, November 11, 11am-1pm

Knife Skills 101 In this class, you are going to learn how to handle a knife and use your knives safely. Learn the knife cuts every cook should know. Then learn a few fun tricks you can use to dress up your cooking. You will slice, chop, and mince; learn how to cut onions and shallots; julienne carrots, brunoise bell peppers, chiffonade basil, and more! See your knife cuts turn into a delicious lunch of Salad and French Onion Soup.

Seats are limited. Click here to purchase tickets.