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Mary Cech, PC Culinary’s Executive Pastry Chef, led an International Baking Seminar in India this week in collaboration with the US Embassy and US Dept of Agriculture.

Mary Cech, PC Culinary’s Executive Pastry Chef

Mary Cech, PC Culinary’s Executive Pastry Chef




PUREFOURHUNDRED put together a great video summary of our PURE Table event July 5th, 2014. Check it out at the link below:


Scenes from another incredible PUREfourhundred culinary event we were proud to be a part of. Stay tuned for details about their next dinner in August.

The Park City Culinary Institute is taking applications for their ground-breaking professional certificate program that begins September 22, 2014 and ends November 14, 2014. Laurie Moldawer, the Institute’s Paris le Cordon Bleu-trained Founder & Director, explains why the program is unique: “Most culinary schools take longer and are more expensive. We’re offering a high quality experience at a lower cost, with a shorter time commitment, in a world-class resort destination.”
This eight-week program will cover the fundamentals of cooking at a professional level, including knife skills, filleting and butchering, classic techniques and sauces, and high-altitude baking. Students will even get opportunities to harvest their own fruit[s] and veggies from Park City’s Copper Moose Farm.
Chef instructors of the program include the award-winning Chef Houman Gohary, who has been featured on NBC’s Today Show with Katie Couric and on the Discovery Channel for his many accomplishments.  A former instructor at San Francisco’s California Culinary Academy, Chef Gohary has 35 years of experience in Michelin-starred restaurants and world-class resorts.
Moldawer is excited about the potential of this location for a culinary school, “Park City is surrounded by mountains, farms, and ranches but it’s less than a 40-minute drive from an international airport. People travel here from all over the world for ski vacations and the Sundance Film Festival. We want to help deliver the quality of dining they deserve – and it’s one of the best places in the world to take a professional culinary course.”
Tuition for the eight-week, 160 credit-hour course is $4,995 (plus tools and uniform) and no prior experience is necessary.  It begins September 22, 2014 and ends November 14, 2014. The final project of the program is a fundraising dinner prepared and served by the students for the community to raise money for an organization supporting local food producers.
The course is designed to give students an advantage over their competition when looking for positions in gourmet kitchens around the world. High West Distillery & Saloon, Talisker on Main, Deer Valley Resort, Promontory, and Sundance Resort have already expressed interest in recruiting students. Deer Valley has indicated that students could earn 11 to 17% higher wages for successfully completing this program.  Students will be given individualized career counseling to help open doors for other opportunities.
Candidates can apply at or call (435) 659-5075 for more information.

As many head to the hills for fine dining experiences, now Park City also offers training for those seeking to further their cooking skills. The Park City Culinary Institute is located in Deer Valley, one of the country’s most acclaimed Ski Resorts, known for it’s culinary offerings.Park City Culinary Institute • theSLCfoodie.comThe certificate program includes 8 weeks (160 hours) of non-traditional training, from bread baking to ice sculpture or butchering. Though its classes are more on the non-traditional side, the skills learned are the most useful and pertinent to a fine dining scene.  From someone seeking a gourmet restaurant kitchen job to someone looking to step up their at-home hosting, all will benefit from this program. Learn the science behind cooking so you don’t have to rely on recipes and leave confident with your personal chef skills.Park City Culinary Institute • theSLCfoodie.comLaurie Moldawer, the Institute’s Paris le Cordon Bleu-trained Founder & Director, explains why the program is unique: “Most culinary schools take longer and are more expensive. We’re offering a high quality experience at a lower cost, with a shorter time commitment, in a world-class resort destination.”  Graduates will leave with internships and opportunities ay places like High West Distillery, Deer Valley Resort, and Talisker on Main.Park City Culinary Institute •

The first professional certificate program starts in September. Apply at or call (435) 659-5075 for more information. Also, you can attend single classes for an affordable fee.

May 27, 2014

Ski Town Cooking School
Laurie Moldawer, who trained in the culinary arts at Le Cordon Blue in Paris, has launched a culinary school in Park City. The Park City Culinary Institute ( will offer an eight-week, 160-credit-hour professional certificate program requiring no previous experience. “Most culinary schools take longer and are more expensive,” Moldawer says. “We’re offering a high-quality experience at a lower cost, with a shorter time commitment, in a world-class resort destination.” According to Moldawer, the program’s graduates “will always be known for their skill levels—other schools have gotten too big, or too caught up with federal funding, to keep high standards.” The two-month course will run $4,995, and the culinary faculty includes well-known Utah chefs Houman Gohary, Jerry Garcia, Yu Yamamoto and Scott Boberek.

I was expecting a restaurant deep up a narrow canyon overlooking Alta. It was actually much easier to find Shallow Shaft, as it was just across the narrow road from Alta Lodge my first stop in town many years ago. I must have arrived in a snowstorm that night because when the shuttle dropped me off I had no idea there was anything else around. That’s how Alta feels, dark, open, a window to wild mountains. What a great surprise to learn there was a restaurant worth a visit just across the road from it. Even better, we were early for our reservation so we had an opportunity to have a drink first at the Alta Lodge.

Some of my favorite places for dinner are the ones with an interesting watering hole across the street. Robataya, in New York, serves Japanese food across from a sake bar called Decibel. Al di la, a well-loved restaurant in Brooklyn serves Italian food across from a French bistro, named Moutarde which is perfect for a glass of wine. Popular restaurants work well with good bars near them, having a place to wait makes it a lot easier to tell a customer they have to wait for an 8:30pm reservation. Knowing that we were going to have time to stop at the Sitzmark for a drink before dinner was a treat.

Sitzmark is a prohibition style bar hidden on the second floor of an inconspicuous hallway at the Alta Lodge. Opening six years after prohibition ended in the 1930’s, most people skiing at Alta wouldn’t even know it was there. Despite the secrecy, USA Today named it one of the “10 great places for apres ski” in North America. The aroma of spicy hot cider welcomes you as soon as you arrive, so we started with that and some whiskey. Their ginger ale tap wasn’t working so they suggested we try Sprite with Angastura bitters instead. A great twist with whiskey, going to try that one at home.

Our table at Shallow Shaft, which we were told was the best in the house, was ready so we climbed many stairs, crossed the street, and climbed many stairs again. High up overlooking the groomers who were shining their lights on Alta, we were seated at Peri’s table. Immediately I knew we were in good hands. It is rare to find a server who knows as much about the food as the Chef. He introduced the specials as if he had cooked them himself, not stumbling over a single ingredient or preparation.

The wine list we were handed was unusual. Neither Sean or I recognized any of the names, except for a few favorites that we knew we liked. From the few we recognized, it was clear the list was carefully selected. From the wines we didn’t recognize, I could tell the wine was being special purchased from outside of the State-controlled liquor supply. Takashi does this to have great sake. And it was impressive to see Shallow Shaft doing this too. Not only were they special ordering, but they arranged the wine menu in a very easy to read fun way. Each page only had about a dozen specially selected wines. There were French wines, then a page simply to include “interesting” wines. Absinthe was on a page by itself, and we watched the ceremony at the next table. It turned out our server was actually the sommelier, and had been working with Chef Kurtis Kraus since Metropolitan.

The menu included a list of local purveyors, that went beyond the usual. Sean ordered a potato soup and the steak and I had trout cakes and fried quail. The best dish was the potato soup, which was hearty with fresh green vegetables and perfectly cut carrots in a small square bowl. There were some other tasty bits on top for flavor and texture. The food I ordered was good, but I think the restaurant was going too far to appease Utah diners. One or two trout cakes would have been perfect, serving four was a bit much for an appetizer. Seeing Quail on the menu was a great surprise, but frying it reduced it from a special treat to an ordinary, if tasty, chicken dinner. The special Sean ordered was a Steak Oscar, which included fresh crab on a steak served with bearnaise sauce. The steak was good, and right away, I was impressed with the preparation of the broccolini, perfectly cooked and probably blanched to enhance its natural color.

Not long from now Shallow Shaft will be renovating. Curious what they do in their terrific location. I know each time I return to Alta, I’ll be hoping to stop at Sitzmark and Shallow Shaft because I can’t imagine a more perfect way to end a perfect day.

March 15, 2014

35offspecialfeartureWe are so excited to start blogging about the great new programs, events and food coming to Park City Culinary Institute!  Stay tuned…..

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