6 Culinary Careers to Pursue After Graduation

Culinary careers don’t all look the same. It’s a common misconception that a culinary arts education only provides one career path — chef. In reality, culinary training offers you a world of opportunities. Below are six potential paths you can take.


Culinary training helps create knowledgeable, skilled chefs. But you don’t have to be a typical chef in a kitchen restaurant. You could be a personal chef for a high-income earner who doesn’t have time to cook at home. You could be a research chef for a food chain or manufacturing company. These chefs develop ideas based on consumer testing or they work to change a recipe to make it appeal to a wider audience.

Nutritional Consultant

Culinary school gives you a clear picture into the science behind what we eat and how we prepare food, and this gives you insight into the health benefits and drawbacks of specific diet choices. Using this training, you can leverage your experience into a career as a nutritional consultant, designing diets for clients who struggle with obesity or illness, or simply want to eat better.

Catering Company Owner

Start your own catering company and capitalize on a lucrative area of the market! Catering is an in-demand service all year. You can run a business and put your creative recipe-building skills to work.You’ll create menus and meet new people. You get a taste of business and you get to spend time in the kitchen.

Bakery Owner

Opening a bakery is another fulfilling option when you’re analyzing culinary careers. It’s specifically attractive to chefs who have trained in the pastry department. Is there anything better than making desserts that make your customers smile?

Restaurant Manager or Owner

A restaurant manager who knows exactly what a chef does is a much better manager. You can excel in this role since you know what goes into the decision-making process. Open your own restaurant or start in a management position to gain more experience first. Either way, it offers an opportunity for growth.

Food Writer

If you love reliving your unforgettable culinary experiences, why not share them with the world? A food writer gets to seek out noteworthy experiences, and write about them. Visit restaurants, meet with Chefs, try out new recipes, or travel to taste new cuisines. Then share your experiences with a growing audience of followers.A range of culinary careers is available for you to find your passion, and your journey starts here at PCCI. Explore our skill certification options and see why so many students rave about Park City Culinary Institute.