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Culinary Schools Launching Food Truck Careers

Food Truck

When you’re cooking from a truck, you don’t have to wait for customers to find you — you go where they are instead. Whether you seek out customers at arts festivals, sporting events or downtown on a Saturday night, you have the option of working when and where you want to, as often as you…

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Culinary Career Spotlight: Becoming a Pastry Chef


Arguably the hottest culinary career today, the role of the pastry chef has evolved substantially over the last decade. Once relegated to a remote corner of the restaurant kitchen, pastry chefs now take on many of the culinary superstar roles formerly reserved for executive chefs. Today, pastry chefs are opening their own businesses — bakeries, food trucks and…

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Can You Go to Culinary School While Working Full Time?


Going to culinary school has become the dream of many Americans who are ready for a career change. But because few of us could leave our jobs to go to school, you may worry that you can’t do both. Fortunately, you can keep working your regular job while you learn the skills necessary to make…

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Cooking Classes vs. Culinary School


Should you take cooking classes or sign up for culinary school? The answer depends on what you hope to achieve. If you want to develop the foundational knowledge and skills required to work as a chef or own your own business — restaurant, food truck, catering, etc. — culinary school is a wise place to…

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Will Culinary School Boost Your Chances of Getting a Chef Job?


If you’re considering culinary school, you likely have aspirations of owning or running a restaurant, possibly as an executive chef. The question is, will a formal culinary education make it easier for you to realize your dream? If you’re willing to accept any job in the restaurant industry, you probably don’t need to spend the…

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Should your kids take a gap year before college?

Should your kids take a gap year before college? The New York Times reports even Harvard endorses a gap year, because “students who take time off tend to do better academically.” We have two alumni who are starting college now, not only with a great gap year behind them, but the skills to earn money…

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Field Trip to Frody’s


Have any of you ever tasted Frody’s foods? Our culinary students were able to go visit his “lab” at Salt and Smoke and learn how to cure meats and make charcuterie. After touring the lab, they were given a tasting of some of his amazing creations! Enjoyed them all!

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Two Utah Culinary Education Schools Unite

SL Culinary Center

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Tuesday, June 9, 2015 – Utah’s innovative professional culinary school, Park City Culinary Institute, and the premier cooking school for the home chef, Salt Lake Culinary Center, have teamed together to offer Professional Culinary Arts programs in Salt Lake City starting in January 2016…

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How To Steam Fish with Great Flavor by Park City Culinary Institute

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Wine Dinner Feb 25th at Alta’s Shallow Shaft

Shallow Shaft logo

Food and wine lovers, Wine Coordinator Peri Ermidis and The Shallow Shaft Restaurant in Alta, Utah are pleased to welcome back wine maker Jon Grant of Couloir and Straight Line Wines. A close friend of the restaurant, Jon returns with several vintages near and dear to his heart and our wine list! Jon specializes in…

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