Culinary Schools Launching Food Truck CaQreers

When you’re cooking from a truck, you don’t have to wait for customers to find you — you go where they are instead. Whether you seek out customers at arts festivals, sporting events or downtown on a Saturday night, you have the option of working when and where you want to, as often as you like.

And with lower overhead, you can afford to serve your food for much less than you would in a restaurant setting. This allows more budget-conscious customers to enjoy your culinary creations.

How Will Culinary School Prepare You to Own a Food Truck?

If you think about it, a gourmet food truck is essentially fine dining on wheels. The primary difference is that you will likely work alone or with a small crew.

In culinary school, you will gain the expertise necessary to succeed in your new mobile venture. From the crucial basics of knife skills and food safety to the intricacies of culinary science, obtaining a professional certificate in the culinary arts will help prepare you for a successful career.

Beyond the nuts-and-bolts skills, however, you will learn to have a passion for preparing exceptional food. Taste, texture and presentation all matter, even in a food truck.

Whether you want a great job in a traditional restaurant or you want to become an entrepreneur in control of your own future, Park City Culinary Institute offers the certificate programs you need to succeed. We are in Salt Lake City, and all of our certificate programs are taught by experienced instructors with real-world chef experience. Notable alumni in the food truck world include Adam Terry, the owner of Waffle Luv and his brother Jared, both featured onThe Great Food Truck Race.”

Contact us today to learn more about how culinary school can help you achieve your dreams and goals for owning a food truck.


Park City Culinary Institute is ready to cook – Park Record – Feb 2013


Former Parkite returns to teach culinary classes with head chef.

Former Parkite returns to teach culinary classes with head chef.

Park Record – Mar 2013 The two established Local Mission Eatery in San Francisco Scott Iwasaki, The Park Record
Posted: 03/19/2013 04:34:14 PM MDT
Chef Jake DeVoinges, who with former Parkite Yaron Milgrom, established the Local Mission Eatery…
Three years ago, Yaron Milgrom and chef Jake Des Voignes established the Local Mission Eatery in San Francisco, Calif.

It was one of the first restaurants in San Francisco to use only locally produced foods in its cooking.

The menu includes sandwiches, soups, salads, fish dishes, cheeses, lamb and poultry.

A year ago, the two created Local’s Corner, a restaurant and raw bar.

The new endeavor garnered a three-star review and was named one of the Top 10 restaurants in San Francisco by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Milgrom, a former Park City resident, will return to town with Des Voignes to teach two classes for the Park City Culinary Institute at the Temple Har Shalom this weekend.

“We’re planning to make some food, eat some food and teach some skills that can be used every day in the kitchen,” Milgrom said during an interview with The Park Record.

The first class, on Saturday, March 23, will be about preparing trout.

“Trout is a great Utah fish, and we will teach — or rather, Jake will demonstrate — how to butcher, cook and cure it,” Milgrom explained. “We’ll also cook up some winter vegetables with it to make a fuller meal.”

The second class will be about preserving food.

“We will show how we can hold on to flavors from one season into another,” Milgrom said. “We will introduce lemons and citrus salts and show other methods of preservation. In California, we have built up a significant pantry of preserved items so we can get certain flavors all year around.”

Milgrom became interested in the culinary arts after he moved to San Francisco from New York, where he was living five years ago.

“I had done my dissertation on Jewish medieval mysticism and actually taught 10 years ago at the Temple Har Shalom,” he said. “I also have a love of food and fell in love with our neighborhood in San Francisco, which was an underprovided poor neighborhood.”

Milgrom came up with a sustainable-food business model and wanted to work with it.

“The model would use food and produce that was found locally, so everything we would make would be done fresh and local,” he said. “So, whatever is available is what drives us.”

He and Des Voignes took over two spaces in totally dilapidated buildings and renovated them into unique eateries.

When the San Francisco Chronicle applauded Local’s Corner with the ratings, Milgrom was happy.

“We felt we had something special going because of the way we were sourcing our foods and because of the quality of the cooking and ingredients,” he said. “While we knew what we were doing was different, we were still super pleased when we got the accolades.”

Milgrom is looking forward to his return to Park City for the classes.

“It just seems so great that when my wife and I had just gotten married 10 years ago that we lived in Park City,” Milgrom said. “I was teaching Jewish Mysticism at Temple Har Shalom, before they built their new building. And, now, I’m coming back to teach a culinary class at the new Temple Har Shalom kitchen.

“It shows how much has changed in our lives,” he said. “I’ll be teaching a culinary class instead of a scholarly class, and that’s so interesting to me.”

Milgrom, his wife and two children still return to Park City as much as they can to visit family.

“(My family has) a house just around the corner from the High West Distillery,” he said. “I’m in town to ski with my son, and then I’ll go back to San Francisco midweek and return for the weekend to cook with Jake.”

Chef Jake Des Voignes and owner Yaron Milgrom of San Francisco’s Local Mission Eatery and Local’s Corner will hold classes for the Park City Culinary Institute on Saturday, March 23, and Sunday, March 24, at 6 p.m. at the Temple Har Shalom, 3700 Brookside Ct. Optional wine pairings will be offered to those over 21. To register or for more information, visit or call (435) 659-5075.


Scene and Heard – In the Sushi Groove


The Culinary Institute’s New Home – Park Record – June 2013


Park City Culinary Institute Mentioned on

With more than 100 restaurants and a diverse set of food and beverage tours, festivals and education opportunities, this celebrated four-season resort just 30 minutes from Salt Lake City also has its culinary chops down.

“Park City offers a plethora of dining options,” says Carolyn Creek-McCallister, meetings and conventions national sales manager for the Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. “For groups, a dine-around at four or five well-established restaurants on our iconic Main Street is especially popular. From casual cafes to fine-dining restaurants, there is something to please every palate.”

With a high-powered banking background, transplanted New Yorker Laurie Moldawer is another entrepreneur enhancing the local scene. Enchanted by her discovery of Park City on a cross-country drive, she moved here in 2012 and soon found a new opportunity.

“The local government was focused on bringing culinary programming and education to town to help build our economy off-season and provide a visitor resource for the non-winter months,” Moldawer says. “Earlier in my career, I had attended le Cordon Blue in Paris while on sabbatical. Passionate about food and with that as my model, I decided to create a culinary school.”

Launched in 2012, her Park City Culinary Institute has since become a premier destination for culinary events, classes and teambuilders. Located at the Deer Valley Club, in Silver Lake Village, the venue’s combination of exclusive private space, unique menus, mixology classes and interactive culinary programs directed by leading executive chefs is winning raves from groups.

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Park City Culinary Institute Featured in Mountain Express Magazine


PCCI Featured in City Weekly

May 27, 2014

Ski Town Cooking School

Laurie Moldawer, who trained in the culinary arts at Le Cordon Blue in Paris, has launched a culinary school in Park City. The Park City Culinary Institute ( will offer an eight-week, 160-credit-hour professional certificate program requiring no previous experience. “Most culinary schools take longer and are more expensive,” Moldawer says. “We’re offering a high-quality experience at a lower cost, with a shorter time commitment, in a world-class resort destination.” According to Moldawer, the program’s graduates “will always be known for their skill levels—other schools have gotten too big, or too caught up with federal funding, to keep high standards.” The two-month course will run $4,995, and the culinary faculty includes well-known Utah chefs Houman Gohary, Jerry Garcia, Yu Yamamoto and Scott Boberek.


PCCI Featured in SLC Foodie

As many head to the hills for fine dining experiences, now Park City also offers training for those seeking to further their cooking skills. The Park City Culinary Institute is located in Deer Valley, one of the country’s most acclaimed Ski Resorts, known for it’s culinary offerings.

The certificate program includes 8 weeks (160 hours) of non-traditional training, from bread baking to ice sculpture or butchering. Though its classes are more on the non-traditional side, the skills learned are the most useful and pertinent to a fine dining scene.  From someone seeking a gourmet restaurant kitchen job to someone looking to step up their at-home hosting, all will benefit from this program. Learn the science behind cooking so you don’t have to rely on recipes and leave confident with your personal chef skills.

Laurie Moldawer, the Institute’s Paris le Cordon Bleu-trained Founder & Director, explains why the program is unique: “Most culinary schools take longer and are more expensive. We’re offering a high quality experience at a lower cost, with a shorter time commitment, in a world-class resort destination.”  Graduates will leave with internships and opportunities ay places like High West Distillery, Deer Valley Resort, and Talisker on Main.

The first professional certificate program starts in September. Apply at or call (435) 659-5075 for more information. Also, you can attend single classes for an affordable fee.


PCCI Featured in Salt Lake Magazine – Park City Life

The Park City Culinary Institute is taking applications for their ground-breaking professional certificate program that begins September 22, 2014 and ends November 14, 2014. Laurie Moldawer, the Institute’s Paris le Cordon Bleu-trained Founder & Director, explains why the program is unique: “Most culinary schools take longer and are more expensive. We’re offering a high quality experience at a lower cost, with a shorter time commitment, in a world-class resort destination.”

This eight-week program will cover the fundamentals of cooking at a professional level, including knife skills, filleting and butchering, classic techniques and sauces, and high-altitude baking. Students will even get opportunities to harvest their own fruit[s] and veggies from Park City’s Copper Moose Farm.

Chef instructors of the program include the award-winning Chef Houman Gohary, who has been featured on NBC’s Today Show with Katie Couric and on the Discovery Channel for his many accomplishments.  A former instructor at San Francisco’s California Culinary Academy, Chef Gohary has 35 years of experience in Michelin-starred restaurants and world-class resorts.

Moldawer is excited about the potential of this location for a culinary school, “Park City is surrounded by mountains, farms, and ranches but it’s less than a 40-minute drive from an international airport. People travel here from all over the world for ski vacations and the Sundance Film Festival. We want to help deliver the quality of dining they deserve – and it’s one of the best places in the world to take a professional culinary course.”

Tuition for the eight-week, 160 credit-hour course is $4,995 (plus tools and uniform) and no prior experience is necessary.  It begins September 22, 2014 and ends November 14, 2014. The final project of the program is a fundraising dinner prepared and served by the students for the community to raise money for an organization supporting local food producers.

The course is designed to give students an advantage over their competition when looking for positions in gourmet kitchens around the world. High West Distillery & Saloon, Talisker on Main, Deer Valley Resort, Promontory, and Sundance Resort have already expressed interest in recruiting students. Deer Valley has indicated that students could earn 11 to 17% higher wages for successfully completing this program.  Students will be given individualized career counseling to help open doors for other opportunities.

Candidates can apply at or call (435) 659-5075 for more information.