Become a Certified Mixologist

5 weeks & 30 Hours

  • Drinkers & Non Drinkers

  • Cocktails & Mocktails

About the Format: Each class consists of a short video demonstration and a 2-hour interactive lab on Zoom where you and your new friends from class are making cocktails. Our Experienced Bartending Instructor will give you real-time feedback and guidance as you’re crafting your cocktails.

What Will I Learn?

  • 5 Bitters

  • 3 Syrups

  • 5 Tinctures

  • Bourbon Cherries

Bar equipment and tools

What glasses work best for each cocktail

Bar set up and break down

How liquors are fermented and distilled, from vodka through gin and bourbon

Exploration of 5 most popular liquors

Mastery of the top cocktails (and mocktails)

Speed and how to make multiple drinks at the same time

International cocktails (and mocktails)

How to substitute liquors to make Mocktails with similar flavors

Build familiarity with local and international brands, including how each product is produced, the history of that particular label, and the properties that give its flavor

Palate development

How to dazzle your guests with acrobatic flair


Liquor laws and how to navigate them

How to reduce and manage your liquor liability

Decorating and garnishing, both local and international

The business side of bar operations and how to increase tips

Next Session: Nov. 5 – Dec. 11, 2020

Application Requirements

Age 21 or older (must show ID)

High School degree or equivalent (or waiver)

Live Labs

Thursdays & Fridays, 7pm-9pm (+ videos)
No Labs Thanksgiving Week

Tuition & Fees

Application – 55

Tuition – 595

Toolkit* – 175

Total – 800

*plus, sales tax of $14 on toolkit

Toolkit Includes:


Spring Strainer

Paring Knife

Chanel Knife

Small Cutting Board

Bar Spoon




Bar Towel

Gear Bag

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An Additional $350 Liquor Fee gets returned as a $350 Visa card for supplies

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