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Choose between our three intensive, hands-on courses with Master Chefs.

Professional Certificate in the Culinary Arts

This is our Signature program and includes 200 hours in the fundamental techniques of cooking and baking. By combining the Cuisine Certificate program with the Pastry & Baking Certificate program results in the Professional Certificate in the Culinary Arts.


Cuisine CertificatePastry & Baking Certificate
Professional Knife Handling and Technical CutsThe Science of Baking
Introduction to Food ScienceTypes of Flours and Other Ingredients
Stocks, Broths and JusBreads and Doughs
Introduction to SoupsCroissants, Challah, New York Bagels
Restaurant Quality SaucesFocaccia Pie Crusts and Pies
Classical & Modern Cooking TechniquesQuiche, Roasted Tomato and Gruyère Tart
How to Build Flavors with Herbs, Spices, Roots & SeedsPate a Choux – Eclairs, Choux Puffs
How to Cook Poultry, Pork and BeefCustards – Pastry Cream, Crème Brûlée, Crème Anglaise
How to Break Down, Truss, and Carve ChickenBread Pudding, Cheesecake
How to Cook Premium Meats such as Lamb and SteakChocolate Pots de Crème
Basic Butchery, Trimming & CuttingOrange, Gruyère and other flavored Soufflés
Introduction to Shellfish, Mollusks and SeafoodCakes & Cake Decorating – Butter Cake
How to Fillet a Round Fish– Chocolate Buttermilk Cake
How to Cook Vegetables– Flourless Chocolate
Fresh Pasta, Filled Pastas and Dumplings– Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake
Restaurant-Style Potatoes – Flourless Lemon Almond Cake
How to Make Sourdough– Italian Meringue & Buttercream
Introduction to International CuisinesSugar – Creamy Pralines, Peanut Brittle, Almond Toffee
Brining, Marinating and CuringChocolate – Molded Chocolates
Advanced Recipes and TechniquesChocolate – Truffle Ganache
How to Prepare Beef en CrouteChocolate – Fruit and Nut Rochers
Professional Plating TechniquesFrench Macarons
How to Cook Grains and Legumes
Professional Egg Cookery
Infused Oils, Emulsions, and other Fat-Based Sauces
Hors d’oeuvres and Small Bites
How to Manage Your Time
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Professional Certificate
in the Culinary Arts

200 hours


GI Bill® Eligible

Knives, equipment and Chef Uniform
included with Tuition!

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Cuisine Certificate

100 hours


GI Bill® Eligible

Knives, equipment and Chef Uniform
included with Tuition!

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Pastry & Baking Certificate

100 hours


GI Bill® Eligible

Knives, equipment and Chef Uniform
included with Tuition!

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Nearly 75% of the course is hands-on with you cooking LIVE with a Chef

Get 100% credit from online courses to in-person tuition

  • 100’s of videos, lessons and tasks

  • Same skills taught at our award-winning school

  • Convenient schedules to choose from

  • LIVE feedback and guidance as you cook from Top Chefs

  • Get Certified in as few as 5 weeks or as long as 3 months

  • Invite friends to attend with you!

Nearly 75% of the course is hands-on with you cooking LIVE with a Chef

Common Questions
Registered School

Park City Culinary Institute has trained kitchen staff from around the world

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We have had so much fun with our corporate groups! From NBA teams to laywers and software engineers, building and equipment manufacturers, to the people in the top of their field in medicine. What an experience it’s been working with all of you!!!

The best dinner I ever had – Michael Jordan

I was the Food Editor at Oprah, so I’ve eaten at a lot of good places. The passion and knowledge behind this event was out of this world. You and your team blew it out of the PARK! 🙂

Thank you!! – Rachel Hofstetter

I and our events team always recommend you so I am glad that more and more of our clients are recognizing you now. Thank you for giving our past groups with you a great experience and looking forward to hearing from the future ones!

Macy Malit - Account Director, St. Regis

Yes! There’s a lot of food science behind what you’ve been doing. How much of it has been explained to you? Over the years we’ve had so many students with over 10 years of experience cooking professionally take our courses. They’ve loved the culinary school experience and it has helped them make sense of recipes they’ve been using. Understanding the proper techniques will also help you tweak recipes to get better results. (Sad but true – many recipes are just plain wrong).

Yes. In fact, the founder of Park City Culinary Institute, Laurie Moldawer, went to culinary school because she didn’t know how to cook. Her friends in college would tease her for eating out every night. And to this day, she still eats out! But she loved attending culinary school, and learning how to cook. For her, cooking lessons are cathartic and relaxing. She’s taken cooking classes all over the world, and wants nothing more than to attend her own culinary school one day.

Most courses just provide videos. We don’t do that. Our online programs are just like live classes! Every minute that you’re cooking we are with you. We send each student a tripod so that you can set your phone’s camera to face your workstation. Using a live video feed, we watch every step you take as you’re cooking. Our Chefs are not only going to demonstrate what you need to do, but will also guide you as you do it. If you have a question while you’re cutting or mixing, we are there to answer it. In real time. And when you’re done with your dish, the Chef will review it and let you know how you did with guidance on how to get even better next time.

If you’re exploring other online schools, ask them if they do this. They probably don’t.

We care about quality. Most culinary schools are government funded. We are independent. As a boutique culinary school, we can invest more in our students – and make sure you have a great experience!

Our online courses combine pre-recorded video with live Zoom labs. The demonstrations are pre-recorded. Your time cooking is live with a Chef on Zoom.

Plan on spending approximately 30-90 minutes before each lab watching the videos at your leisure. You’ll need to shop for your ingredients and make sure you have the right equipment. Then pull everything out and log into your Zoom lab at the scheduled time. Each Skills Lab on Zoom takes 3 hours. The only time commitment that is fixed is this 3-hour lab each day. Everything else can be done at your leisure.

In total, nearly 75% of each class is done live. The rest of your hours are done at your leisure.

Most groceries are going to be easy to find, but if you can’t find something we can usually help you find a substitute. For example, if you can’t find shallots, you may be able to use a red onion for that recipe.

We offer payment plans. You can start online with just $195 down.

You can enroll in our Fundamentals course in less than 5 minutes. To apply for one of our professional courses, you would need to fill out our online application which takes about 15 minutes. We ask questions to learn whether you’re a novice or experienced cook, and what your goals are for your program. This is so that we can tailor the course to you! Our Admissions Committee will review your application and generally get back to you within a day or two.

To take the first step for the Fundamentals course or any of the Professional certifications,

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