What it Takes to be the Best Culinary School

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I wanted to build an independent Culinary School. Free to teach what we want. Focused on serving students, instead of dependent on government funding. A school committed to quality, with award-winning Chefs. An alternative to trade schools. A culinary school short enough that anybody could attend. A program relevant enough to attract business owners. A culinary school where all ages could attend, with any level of experience.

I love the experience of good food. I love learning how to make really pretty things that taste great. I love being around experienced, award-winning Chefs and picking their brains. I love watching talented Chefs cook and tasting what they have to offer.

A great culinary school teaches technique. You can see the results by looking at what the students can accomplish after their program. Certain items are easy to make without much technique, like muffins. You might develop a better recipe, you might even have a better way to present them. But at the end of the day, a muffin is still a muffin, and it’s pretty hard to mess up a muffin. I certainly wouldn’t want to go culinary school to learn how to make a muffin. When we look at what we’re going to teach, we focus on skills that create memorable results. We spend the time going over the science of how things work. We want our graduates to develop techniques. That’s what sets our graduates apart from other people in the industry. Our graduates develop meaningful skills, and can create memorable results.

Park City Culinary Institute is now in Salt Lake City

After growing up in Deer Valley, we custom designed and built a Teaching Kitchen in downtown Salt Lake City. Bathed in natural light, with exposed red brick, a barrel roof, brand new commercial appliances, and All Clad stainless, I can’t imagine a better place to learn.

Everybody should experience our immersive hands-on program, that includes the basics of cooking, food science, baking and pastry. We also host Teambuilding Events, Cooking Demonstrations and Classes for private parties, birthdays and family reunions.

Park City Culinary Institute is “On to something fantastic!” according to Food Writer Wilbert Jones, and the innovative approach to culinary education is “Definitely overdue” according to restaurant owner Jesse Shetler. Students are trained to succeed in small classes with personalized attention, where they master essential techniques, and gain experience with diverse ingredients.

Ages range from 18 to over 60. Entrepreneurs and career changers love the program because it is shorter than other culinary schools, and focused on quality.

Please call us at 801.413.2800, so you can learn more about what we’re doing and how you can get involved.