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What Former Students Say

This has been a mindblowing experience. It’s an awesome course!

Thanks Laurie for organizing the field trip, and the crew at Cuisine Unlimited for showing us their successful business. Great education from a business with many decades of knowledge. – Paul Daniel, June 2016

“Exceeding my expectations” – Barton Bodell, June 2016

I had such a great experience and I talk about it all the time.

If I could do it over again, I so would. Absolutely!

– Candace Payton, November 2014 Graduate

 “The last two days with Chef Greg have made every penny spent to attend Park City Culinary Institute worth it.  If we didn’t do anything else, I would still be satisfied and happy!

So much fun, the best quality products, the best tasting food in a great environment with a Chef – you can tell – loves what he does. He is calm and down to earth, full of information he willingly shares, whether it be about the source of the products, or the region the dishes come form. And why… [we may get] a little history lesson, a geography lesson, wine pairings, which substitutions would work, plating, garnishing, etc. It’s the whole deal, and I have loved every minute of it.  Chef Greg can even speak the various languages!”

– Judi Worley, June 2016
who also said on the field trip to Frog Bench Farms, “This is the coolest place I’ve ever seen…Ever!”

 “Just wanted to shoot you an email to say thanks for a great field trip today. If at all possible, keep these guys on your list of stops for future semesters. Every business/individual had something so unique to share and such passion for what they were doing. I guess passion feeds passion, and mine was definitely awoken once again.

I really can’t tell you how much I am enjoying the program as a whole. I love that it’s not just about cooking and technique, but that it’s also about creating an awareness in the students of their impact on the world they live in. You are striving to educate the next generation of chefs to truly THINK about how their food sourcing and their products can make an impact long term, and then encouraging them to shoulder that responsibility. It’s a huge part of where my own heart lies, and I so resonate with these people you’re introducing us to. I really can’t thank you enough. I am so beyond excited!

Your own passion for all of this is very evident as well. Please don’t stop what you’re doing. I think we need more programs like it in this country.” – Shannon Sampson, March 2016 Graduate

“Don’t know if you are interested in feedback about today.  You usually seem open to it, so I thought I would just pass on what I thought.

So this morning as I was getting ready I was randomly composing a review of the course in my head and was running out of superlatives!  The reviews I read online before I took the class seemed too good to be true, and so I was trying to figure out how I would portray how great this course is in words that would let the reader know that it really is _that_ good!  Everything so far has far exceeded my expectations…”

– Michele Nielson, March 2016 Graduate

I am in heaven.  This class is the best thing I have done in my adult life!” – Rachel Gilbert, Fall 2014 Graduate

“I recently moved to Salt Lake City from DC and was feeling kind of homesick for some of my favorite food spots. This class really opened my eyes to what Utah has to offer and I can’t wait to put my knowledge to wok and open up my own place! Definitely a worthwhile investment I would recommend to friends!

The friends and professional connections I made through this class are invaluable. We’re getting together in a few days for a reunion and potluck! Pretty sure it will be the best potluck I’ve ever attended.

It was great getting to learn from so many knowledgeable chefs in the area. I loved hearing about their personal experiences in the food industry and learning getting to know their personalities through their cuisine.”

– Molly Kohrman, March 2016 Graduate

“Incredible Chefs”

– Becky Rosenthal, Spring 2015 Grad, food blogger, and author of Salt Lake City Chef’s Table

“The chefs are incredibly passionate and eager to help you learn as much as you can. Not only did I eat well every single day but I had so much fun and didn’t want the program to end. The past 8 weeks have been incredible”

– Bethany Grow, Spring 2015 Graduate

“Our class was the best group of people I’ve met by far” – Teresa Lake, June 2016

“Awesome. Fun. Challenging. Rewarding.

The course offered me the perfect 2-month culinary outline, acquiring the necessary skills for entry into a large professional restaurant after home cooking for 20 years. The schools instructors offer decades of experience in all culinary types and skills, then provide one with the confidence to cook beyond recipes.

Add in educational field trips to farms, restaurants, cheese and meat factories,  the culinary world of the greater Salt Lake/Park City area is in exciting hands.” – Paul Daniel, June 2016

What Parents Say

“Director Laurie Moldawer – we love her and are so THANKFUL for EVERYTHING she has done to help Colton! We highly recommend Park City Culinary Institute to make your Culinary dreams come true!”

– Margo Lister

What Other People in Utah are Saying

“It’s always great to have your group here. The students are engaged and excited about their learning and they bring such great energy.” – Joe Sargetakis, Frog Bench Farms

What the Press Says

Chef Clement Gelas is “one of the most talented Chefs in the West” – City Weekly

“Thank you so much for allowing me to sit in on the Wednesday class. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was by the students, the instructor, and, most importantly, the food.” – Meg Walter, Beehive Startups


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